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Micah Cantor

Hi, I'm Micah. I'm a student at Grinnell College studying computer science and math. Here you'll find my writing on my interests in functional programming, web development, and open source software.


Crafting Interpreters in Typed Racket

Some thoughts on following Bob Nystrom's book Crafting Interpreters in Typed Racket.

racket programming-languages

Solving a few Leetcode questions in Haskell

Exploring some purely functional programming solutions to a few popular Leetcode questions.

haskell leetcode

The strange, sketchy emails a browser extension developer receives

Where does extension malware come from? It might originate from emails like these.


Median Heaps in Haskell

An implementation and discussion of a median heap data structure in Haskell.

haskell data-structures

Book Review: Racket Programming the Fun Way by James Stelly

A review of the new Racket programming book.


Implementing Simple Hash Tables in Racket

A simple implementation of mutable hash tables to learn how they work behind the scenes.

racket data-structures

Practical React: The Power of useInterval

A case study in switching from manually managing setInterval to the useInterval custom hook.


Don't go looking for you first open source contribution

The traditional method of approaching one's first open source contribution gamifies the process and leads an unhelpful experience for all involved.


Parsing propositional logic in 33 lines of Racket

A guide to implementing a simple parser for propositional logic in Racket.

racket logic